Gaming UPS Installations for Victorian Clubs & Hotels

Many clubs are now installing an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) on their gaming circuits to take advantage of the benefits including:

  • Keeping your machines and electrical equipment going if there is a brown out or power surge
  • Minimising disruption to and enjoyment of your customers or
  • Keeping your machines up long enough to payout customers during complete power outages

Having a working Gaming UPS can mean the difference between customers staying in your venue or going to one of your competitor’s that do have a UPS.

A UPS is an important tool for many venues owing to many parts of Victoria suffering from uneven power supply. To illustrate, the incoming power should be 230v however it can often be over 260v or under 200v, varying due to things such as lightning strikes or others that share your supply drawing heavily on the power (for things such as airconditioning /heating or heavy machinery).

A basic standby UPS can sense the voltage is not good enough and automatically go to battery power until normal power returns. Other units can adjust the voltage for the connected equipment to keep it at safe levels. By comparison, high-end UPS models can give a perfectly stable output of 230v at all times regardless of input power.

At Impact Data Electrical we can advise you on which UPS model will best suit your business needs. Our UPS services include:

  • Advice
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Remove an old power conditioner and replace with the UPS.

Please contact us for an obligation free discussion about a possible UPS or any electrical or data requirements you may have.